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Ellen Herman
4th Grade ELA
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John Q Thomas Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
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Slap To Check: small group instruction to help learn Check for Understanding Reading Strategy
Big Idea: Sometimes the lessons on strategies taught to the whole class are not enough. During Daily 5, or Reading Intervention, I can pull a reading strategy group to help specific students learn and practice a needed strategy for reading.
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Reading Strategy: Activate Prior Knowledge
Big Idea: To become a good reader we have to remind students that reading is thinking. Before we read a book or a chapter we have to think about what we already know. Many times activating what we know can be easy, and they need to practice activating it.
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Figurative Language with Goldilocks
Big Idea: Other versions of a popular story are so fun to read aloud. In this case we use a different story to compare versions and explore how an author uses figurative language in their books. Students will begin to practice slowing down for figurative language.
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UH OH Something is Not Right:  Monitoring My Reading Strategy
Big Idea: UH OH something is wrong! Monitoring is a strategy that students do when they realize something is not right. Many get in the habit of skipping it, but they need to realize it's important to stop and fix it by using a reading strategy.
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Reading Strategy: Predicting the Future
Big Idea: Predicting the future sounds fun, but students still need practice to get the job done. In this lesson, students will have to predict, and give evidence from the text to support their prediction.
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Reading Strategy: Looking at the Whole Word
Big Idea: Fourth graders can decode big words by returning to their reading roots of using decoding. This lesson gives the name to a strategy that they have used and now asking them to use it to make sure they maintain reading accuracy.
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Reading Strategy: ReRead Text to Understand
Big Idea: Rereading is a key skill in becoming a good reader. Readers need acknowledge when what they read has not made sense to them. When students reread they slow down and pay attention to the words and meanings more carefully.
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Reading Strategy: What Speed to Read
Big Idea: Speed reading has its place, but so does slowing down. It is fun to give our reading rate in terms of gears on a car. This helps them remember and make good choices about how to read different texts.
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Reading Strategy: Checking for Understanding
Big Idea: Comprehension! Comprehension! Comprehension! Students need to be able to understand what they read. Reflecting on your reading and making sure you understand are ideal to comprehending and this lesson opens the door for how to do it.
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Mental Movie Reading Strategy: Visualization
Big Idea: Mental movie making is fun and students love the idea that they are about to make their own. The lesson is geared at visualization and activating prior knowledge. This lesson is a fun way to practice and mode the strategy.
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Reading Strategy: Cross Checking
Big Idea: Using reading strategies together helps students learn that we often use more than one strategy at a time to decode unknown words. Crosschecking is a strategy where students use their use of sounds and meaning to determine if they are correct.
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Reading Strategy: Does it make sense?
Big Idea: Learning and reading new words should be fun. Students can see how much fun it is to slow down and figure out big words using two easy strategies together.
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Reading Strategy: Tricky Word Strategy
Big Idea: The Tricky Word Strategy is one of the most commonly used decoding strategies we use as adults; we have learned to do it automatically. This clever strategy is one that your students will like learning because it is a very grown up way to figure out words.
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In Small Chunks: A lesson on using chunks to decode for a small group
Big Idea: Reading vocabulary and tricky words come around all the time during reading. Some students use strategies to decode, but many students try to skip over and never try to decode it. This can be detrimental to comprehension. Small groups might be the only way
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Reading Strategy: Flip the Sound
Big Idea: This lesson can seem like a review for many students, but it can be very important to review a strategy that students should be trying to do automatically. This lesson feels easy for students and more fun because of how high their confidence is.
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