Ellen Herman

Ellen Herman
4th Grade ELA
168 Lessons
John Q Thomas Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
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Meat and Potatoes: Details for Writing, Adding More Explanation
Big Idea: Details make your writing more interesting to read. To prepare them for paragraph writing, we start with a brainstorm of a topic, in this case a trip they took this summer. They choose three of those ideas to help create the body of their paragraph.
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Catchy Topic Sentences and How to End
Big Idea: To prepare them for writing we need to work on topic and closing sentences. By using the details of their name, students will work on a topic sentence that catches the readers attention and they will write a closing sentence stating their opinion.
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Puzzle Piece Paragraph
Big Idea: By cutting apart their previously written topic, closing, and detailed setnteces. Students will be able to see, read, and hear why order of these is so important to good writing. Physically moving their writing into the correct order is a fun to show this.
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Let me tell you......
Big Idea: Students can now tell their "been there, done that" story. Fudge and Peter have some crazy times and this lesson lets your students share theirs.This is a fun lesson to teach personal narrative writing.
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Ranking Writing: Group Activity
Big Idea: The shift of students needing to understand the expectations of how to state an opinion and give evidence to support it is tricky. In this lesson, students will be given writing samples that groups will have to rank by the article's evidence.
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