Elizabeth Slaine

Elizabeth  Slaine
10th Grade ELA
96 Lessons
Tucson Magnet High School
Tucson, AZ
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No Longer a Freshman: Setting Goals for 10th Grade
Big Idea: Students will transform from freshmen to sophomores by establishing what they want to accomplish this year.
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Who is Here?  Using Presentations and Technology to Get to Know Each Other
Big Idea: Soccer players, dancers, actors, and Star Wars fans hone their interview and presentation skills to build our classroom community.
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Debate:  Is Summer Vacation Necessary?
Big Idea: Students will make inferences and cite evidence to determine their response to the following question -- Summer vacation: intellectual growth or intellectual drop zone?
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How to Succeed in a Job Interview: Close Reading and Analysis of the Credibility of a Text
Big Idea: Need some advice on getting your first job? Students evaluate an article on why Americans struggle to find employment. How credible is this advice?
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What does a Digital Native Look Like?: Introduction to Narrative Project
Big Idea: Vine—A Social Media Narrative . Students explore how social media can narrate their life.
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Searching for an Exploding Moment in Narrative Writing
Big Idea: Students find the most fascinating part of themselves and blow it up!
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Narratives: Revision Time and Then Let the Filming Begin!
Big Idea: Students collaborate to revise their narratives and the they film their videos.
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Using a Computer Lab for the Publication of Narratives
Big Idea: Students flex their keyboarding mussels to write narratives in MLA format.
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