Glenda Funk

Glenda Funk
12th Grade ELA
113 Lessons
Highland High School
Pocatello, ID
Student Environment:
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12th Grade ELA
84 Lessons
Whitehall High School
Whitehall, MT
12th Grade ELA
70 Lessons
Maine South High School
Park Ridge, IL
12th Grade ELA
62 Lessons
West Broward High School
Pembroke Pines, FL
First Impressions: Meeting Students the First Day
Big Idea: Students develop community that improves learning when they feel valued by their teachers.
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Setting the Right Tone for the School Year: "Dear Students Returning to School"
Big Idea: Our world is a better place when citizens are well educated, which is why society invests in public education.
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Responding to John Green's "An Open Letter to Students Returning to School" and "Wrecking My Journal."
Big Idea: Getting students writing early in the year and personalizing their writing notebooks establishes priorities for the class.
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