Glenda Funk

Glenda Funk
12th Grade ELA
113 Lessons
Highland High School
Pocatello, ID
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84 Lessons
Whitehall High School
Whitehall, MT
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Park Ridge, IL
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Pembroke Pines, FL
Shrink the Epic: Introducing "Beowulf" and the Anglo-Saxon Period of English Literature
Big Idea: Front-loading activities prepare students to read the Old English, Anglo-Saxon epic.
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"A Hero Ain't Nothing but a Sandwich": Imagining and Inventing an "Epic" Hero
Big Idea: We all have personal heroes and ideas about heroes whether from personal experience or pop culture.
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"And Little I've Heard of Such Vailant Deeds" Beowulf Boasting
Big Idea: Understanding Anglo-Saxon boasting increases when students replicate the technique.
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Poetically Speaking: "Beowulf": Language and Poetics Quick Reference Sheet
Big Idea: Annotating supports active learning and engagement as students show their thinking while reading difficult texts.
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Exploring Beowulf's Anglo-Saxon Culture via the Sutton Hoo Exhibit at The British Museum: A Virtual Field Trip
Big Idea: A virtual tour allows students to experience an exhibit from the comfort of the computer lab.
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"Why We Broke Up" with Beowulf: Using YA Fiction to Tell Our Stories and Understand Stories from the Past
Big Idea: We all have stories to tell about people, places, and things we value.
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"Beowulf" Station Rotation: An Epic Activity
Big Idea: Stations work in secondary English classes and emphasize student choice.
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