Jessica Keigan

Jessica Keigan
10th Grade ELA
153 Lessons
Horizon High
Thornton, CO
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10th Grade ELA

(18 Units, 153 Lessons)
Getting to Know You: Student-to-Student First Day of School Interviews
Big Idea: In order for students to learn, they need to feel safe. Building classroom community from the early days of school is essential to this process.
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How to read...and create...a Graphic Novel Panel
Big Idea: Reading a graphic novel is very different than reading a traditional narrative text. Understanding the various tools a writer/artist utilizes will help to create deeper comprehension of a graphic text.
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Show Me What You Can Do: Writing Pre-assessment
Big Idea: What can your kids do? Provide them a challenging, text-based pre-assessment to gather data and guide instruction.
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Introduction to Annotation Techniques
Big Idea: Today students build a tool box of annotation techniques ensure that students will have customizable resources to engage with text.
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Building a Culture of Reading
Big Idea: In order to become a more fluent reader, students need to read regularly and at their grade level. To support this, it is essential for a teacher to set aside time for choice reading in the language arts classroom.
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Setting Goals for Our Writing
Big Idea: In writing it is good to look at where you are...and set goals for improving.
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