Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark
1st Grade Math
5 Lessons
Gilbert Elementary School
Gilbert, IA
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Explain a double
Big Idea: Students can recite doubles, this lesson puts the doubles+1 strategy into action!
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Counting On
Big Idea: Students understand counting on, but when we record our thinking do we have to record all. Of course not! This lesson is designed to get students to count on not all.
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Doubles & Doubles +1 Practice
Big Idea: Doubles and doubles +1 are two strategies that 1st graders use to help them solve their basic facts and even two-digit addition
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3 Addends
Big Idea: When we add 3 addends we can look for a friendly combination to make our work easier
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Using 3 or More Addends to Make a Meal
Big Idea: Using the theme of a very YUMMY Thanksgiving meal, students will plan their own meal and figure out the cost of it.
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