Mariana Robles

Mariana Robles
1st Grade ELA
40 Lessons
Hawthorne Elementary
Riverside, CA
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But ... are they really that different?
Big Idea: Students cannot compare and contrast adventures and experiences in stories or explain differences between books without first understanding how to compare.
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What's the problem?
Big Idea: So ... did they fix it? An important element of a story plot is a problem and it's solution. Identifying these is a way in which students can demonstrate comprehension.
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Big Idea: Whoooo? Whooooo? Asking and answering a variety of questions about the main characters in a story will help students get to the what and why.
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Please illustrate your point
Big Idea: What better way of understanding the purpose of an illustration, than to illustrate your own work?
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Who can do what?
Big Idea: This lesson takes the students beyond the names of characters and makes them interact with the story to find out what each character can do.
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Big Idea: They can find nuggets of gold in a story ... but they need to explain how they got to the treasure.
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It's a hard life!
Big Idea: Problems (and their solutions): they are what keeps a story moving.
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Big Idea: Today we use pictures instead of stepping stones. Pictures can serve as memory aides as children become more confident retelling stories or summarizing selections.
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Big Idea: Bridges between books will let their minds make important connections.
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Now you'll remember
Big Idea: Drawing the setting and acting out a story with character cut outs can help some students remember the key events in a story.
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And what happened next?
Big Idea: Retelling is a way to show understanding. Using pictures and puppets makes it fun!
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They are the same?!
Big Idea: Students will be surprised at how two books that seem completely different can have the same central idea. You'll be surprised at the depth of their analysis.
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