Jennifer Valentine

Jennifer Valentine
3rd Grade Math
117 Lessons
Gallego Basic Elementary School
Tucson, AZ
Student Environment:
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Foods Third Graders Like
Big Idea: Even something as simple as finding out what your classmates like to eat can be a fun way to get to know each other!
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Our Favorite Places
Big Idea: Surveys and looking at data can help people understand each other better!
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Places We Have Visited
Big Idea: Graphs can make it easy and fun to analyze data and learn more about our classroom community!
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Amazing Animals - Categorizing and Compiling
Big Idea: We are studying animals. Before we can begin, it's good to know what our starting point is, so in this activity students make a list of all the animals they can think of, which informs the teacher about background knowledge and interests.
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Amazing Animals - Graphing and Asking Questions
Big Idea: Students love animals and discussing the basic of animal classification and sharing what they know provides another activity that builds classroom community and a home-school connection.
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Initial Informal Assessments
Big Idea: Get to know your students' learning personalities as you observe them on this informal assessment.
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