Marquita Prinzing

Marquita Prinzing
4th Grade ELA
133 Lessons
Dearborn Park Elementary School
Seattle, WA
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What's in a Textbook?: Scavenger Hunt for Text Features
Big Idea: Students can more easily focus on the content when they know how to use the text features.
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Words to Understand: Identifying the Meaning of Tier 2 Words Using Context Clues
Big Idea: It is not enough for students to be able to use a dictionary to define a word. They need to also be able to connect it to an example or reference.
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Regional Characteristics: Researching Using Nonfiction Texts
Big Idea: Students get multiple opportunities to process new information and present it.
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Asking Questions Like a Historians
Big Idea: Students should first state what they see (or other senses) before inferring what's important.
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Holding Students Accountable
Big Idea: Students learn that they may be called upon to share their ideas and they need to be prepared by having taken notes on what they have read.
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Where in the World am I?
Big Idea: Students learn where they are in the world by visually following the Google Earth map and correctly using content specific words.
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