Marquita Prinzing

Marquita Prinzing
4th Grade ELA
133 Lessons
Dearborn Park Elementary School
Seattle, WA
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Reading in the Classroom: Learning Procedure for Classroom Reading
Big Idea: Students develop skills to demostrate independence in reading.
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Getting to Know the Reader: Using a Questionnaire to Assess Student Reading Life
Big Idea: It's important for teachers to quickly get to know the reading interests of the students to help plan for engaging lessons by asking them to self-reflect on a reading questionnaire.
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Becoming a Better Reader: Creating Goals for Reading Success
Big Idea: Students create goals to develop responsibility for their reading development and help them focus while they are working on skills.
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Creating a Classroom Culture Through Reflecting on Moments of Successful Reading
Big Idea: Students reflect on times that they felt good reading and times they felt bad in order to support the class and themselves in creating ways to help students feel good when working on developing their reading skills.
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Filling Out a Reading Log
Big Idea: With accurate data on their reading, students can begin to make goals to change the habits that may keep them from growing as readers.
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What are Genres? Identifying Elements of Different Genres
Big Idea: Learning about the type of genres students read supports me and them in finding books that they may enjoy while also encouraging them to try new types of books.
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Finding Evidence from the Text: Character Traits
Big Idea: This lesson helps students to think about who the characters in their book are and eventually make personal connections with the characters in order to understand them better.
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What Does it Mean: Using Synonyms to Figure Out the Meaning of New Words
Big Idea: One strategy to use when students come across a new word is to replace it with one they know.
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What Does That Mean: Using Context Clues to Understand New Words
Big Idea: When students can identify which type of context clue is present, they can utilize the clue to understand new words.
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Working Towards a Year of Reading Development: Revisiting Goals
Big Idea: At the very beginning of the year, students set goals that may or not have been realistic. Now, they need to be reminded and possibly revise in order to continue their work towards becoming a better reader.
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Choosing Just Right Books
Big Idea: Students will have a very difficult time applying grade appropriate reading skills if they are not in "just right" books or if their books are too hard or too easy.
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Book Recommendations
Big Idea: Students have an opportunity to formally make book recommendations and receive suggestions.
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Determining Genres: Organizing the Library
Big Idea: Students get to explore the books in the library and discover new reading interests.
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