Dr. Miranti Murphy

Dr. Miranti Murphy
2nd Grade ELA
148 Lessons
Boulevard Heights Elementary
Hollywood, FL
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2nd Grade ELA
142 Lessons
Amanecer Primary Center
Los Angeles, CA
2nd Grade ELA
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Prairie Point Elementary School
Oswego, IL
2nd Grade ELA
20 Lessons
Ocean Park Elementary
Ocean Park, WA
Cinder-Elly:  Day 1 of Cinderella Unit
Big Idea: As an introduction to different perspectives on the same story, students will analyze text of a different version of a familiar story.
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Yeh-Shen, the Chinese Cinderella:  Day 2 of Cinderella Unit
Big Idea: Puppetry can be used to dramatize a different version of the same fictional story while foreshadowing similar key details.
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The Golden Sandal: Day 3 of Cinderella Unit
Big Idea: Comparing the familiar with an unfamiliar version gives students opportunity to analyze multiple perspectives.
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Cindy Ellen: Day 4 of Cinderella Unit
Big Idea: By analyzing this Wild Western version of Cinderella, students will gain new perspectives of how a story with a similar central theme can have different points of view.
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The Korean Cinderella: Day 5 of Cinderella Unit
Big Idea: As an important literary technique,differences in perspective and point of view are exemplified in stories with the same central theme, such as this Korean version of CInderella
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