Tim Pappageorge

Tim  Pappageorge
9th Grade ELA
128 Lessons
Maine East High School
Park Ridge, IL
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Unit Introduction
Big Idea: You're invited! Let's go on a journey to start Your Best Year Ever as classroom teachers! I am hoping that this unit will help us.
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The First Day of High School: "This is Me in Grade 9!"
Big Idea: Here's a great way to start your year--with a little bit of controversy and a lot of fun.
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Evidence and Explanation of "This is Me in Grade 9"
Big Idea: Just like this shallow water search team, our students will be looking for evidence and interpreting it!
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Analysis and Discussion of "The Praise Paradox"
Big Idea: What motivates you, praise or criticism?
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Summer Reading Assessment
Big Idea: Independent reading is a powerful means to stoke student interest in texts.
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Praise Paradox Cause/Effect
Big Idea: What do praise and criticism lead to? My students will analyze cause/effect in an interesting non-fiction text.
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Inferring character motives in Vonnegut's short story, "The Kid Nobody Could Handle"
Big Idea: Understanding characters is just plain AWESOME!
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Writing Argument "The Kid Nobody Could Handle"
Big Idea: Moving from discussion to writing is a natural way to write argument.
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"I Just Wanna Be Average": Tracing the Idea of Persistence in a Personal Essay
Big Idea: What motivates you? What are persistence, praise, and performance to a 9th grader? My students will tell you as they respond to Mike Rose.
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Questioning "Two Kinds"
Big Idea: When students annotate a text for inferred motives and questions reveals powerful thinking.
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Independent Reading Book Selection
Big Idea: Reading longer works supports a reader's identity.
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