Jennifer Moon

Jennifer Moon
1st Grade Math
110 Lessons
Sooner Elementary School
Oklahoma City, OK
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Crocodiles Love to Eat the Most
Big Idea: Students get very confused when asked to use >,<, and = to compare numbers. This lesson will show students how to make the crocodile eat the biggest number and free their mind to compare numbers and not focus on which symbol is the correct one to use.
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Introducing a Number Line
Big Idea: WOW! They are so tiny, but we need them to begin thinking abstractly. We need our little ones to understand a number line presents numerals in an increasing pattern and identify missing digits.
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Problem Solving: Act It Out
Big Idea: We want our little ones to learn multiple STRATEGIES to solve math problems. One strategy is to act out a problem. This lesson will provide students an opportunity to use cubes to act out problems.
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Vocabulary Review/ Written & Oral Math Language
Big Idea: First graders have so much vocabulary to learn in every subject area. When comparing numbers students should learn; more, fewer, greater than, less than, least, greatest, between, before and after.
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Ordering Numbers: Unit Review and Test
Big Idea: Assessments at this age are necessary for our little ones to learn to attend to precision and for us to determine what needs to be reviewed or retaught.
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Apples and Oranges are as Different as Numerals
Big Idea: We're not just comparing apples to oranges. My students are comparing numbers based on the meaning of the tens and ones place. They will use the symbols for greater than, less than, and equals to, to record their results.
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Ordering 3 Numbers
Big Idea: We need our little ones to understand how to use a number line to order numbers by placing them in order from least to greatest.
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