Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith
Kindergarten ELA
110 Lessons
Pleasant Ridge Elementary
Knoxville, TN
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Slinky Spelling
Big Idea: Make slow spelling "slink" by!
  Favorites (12)   Resources (15)   Reflections (2)
Multiple Meaning Words
Big Idea: This lesson helps students to USE words for all they're worth!
  Favorites (25)   Resources (16)   Reflections (1)
Shake It In Shades Game
Big Idea: Make every moment count! Utilize a brain break to learn shades of meaning at the same time!
  Favorites (8)   Resources (13)   Reflections (1)
Modify Morning Message for More Meaning!
Big Idea: Try to trick them and they will find every mistake you make! Being wrong has never been more of a teachable moment!
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Complete The Sentence....
Big Idea: Students learn to talk, talk, talk their way into complete sentences each day!
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