Andrea Praught

Andrea Praught
2nd Grade ELA
130 Lessons
Prairie Point Elementary School
Oswego, IL
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2nd Grade ELA
148 Lessons
Boulevard Heights Elementary
Hollywood, FL
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Amanecer Primary Center
Los Angeles, CA
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Ocean Park Elementary
Ocean Park, WA
Waldo says "Where's Writing?"
Big Idea: Writing is all around us! Look through the Waldo glasses at examples from school and use the 'writing process' to create a project about the types of writing!
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And the author is...Using Digital Tools For Writing
Big Idea: Empower students to recognize that they are thinkers and writers! They will collaborate on a writing piece to brainstorm, organize and publish ideas with a digital tool.
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Authors Use Tools in a Writers' Workshop!
Big Idea: Let's look at ways to use our new Writers' Workshop Journal and tools that will help us become authors!
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Go on a Writing Exploration!
Big Idea: Collaborate to explore the writing of other authors and improve your writing!
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Use your VOICE, but think about who is listening...
Big Idea: It's the students' chance to speak up and share what they think! The persuasive writing pieces that they create takes different voice.
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