Cassandra Joss

Cassandra Joss
Kindergarten Math
76 Lessons
Burr Elementary School
Sterling Heights, MI
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Introduction to Sorting by Color
Big Idea: Kindergarteners find classifying and ordering fascinating. In this lesson, students learn to sort by color.
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Sort by Own Rule
Big Idea: Kindergartners love to explain themselves! In this lesson, students get a chance to show what they know.
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Sort it Out!
Big Idea: Kindergarteners love stories. In this lesson, students help Packy the Packrat sort!
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Sort by Attribute
Big Idea: Classifying objects and counting the number of objects in a category helps build a foundation for data collection in future grades.
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Sorting Assessment
Big Idea: Students love sharing their knowledge with the teacher. In this assessment, students show what they know after a sorting unit.
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