Cassandra Joss

Cassandra Joss
Kindergarten Math
76 Lessons
Burr Elementary School
Sterling Heights, MI
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Letters & Numbers & Books, Oh My!
Big Idea: Starting school is a big step for parents and children. On the first day of Kindergarten, parents and children spend time together finding their way around their new classroom and school.
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iPad Expectations & Practice
Big Idea: Kindergartners get very excited about the idea of using iPads in the classroom. This lesson lays the groundwork for them to be responsible technology users.
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Calendar Routine
Big Idea: This lesson highlights my calendar routine. Calendar time incorporates many math concepts, and is completed daily outside of my math block.
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Math Stations
Big Idea: Setting up stations takes a lot work. This lesson shows the awesome end product after lots of practice!
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 Math Journals
Big Idea: Kindergartners love working together to solve problems. Using the math journal creates a feeling of accomplishment for eveyone involved
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