Rebecca Strebel

Rebecca  Strebel
4th Grade ELA
151 Lessons
Majestic School
Ogden, UT
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First Day of School: It is Great to be Kings and Queens of the Classroom!
Big Idea: Getting to know the new students and setting the classroom climate, expectations, and procedures.
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iPad App Debate: Research
Big Idea: Students will research, write about, and present the PERFECT app for our 4th grade classroom to me, the teacher, in the hopes of convincing me to purchase that app.
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iPad App Debate: How to Write a Persuasive Essay
Big Idea: Students will learn how to compose a persuasive letter in preparation for tomorrow's culminating activity where they will compose a persuasive trying to convince me to pick their choice of iPad apps.
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iPad App Debate: Persuasive Letter and Presentation
Big Idea: Convince me if you can! Students will write a letter trying to convince me that we should purchase the app that they think is best for our 4th grade class to use.
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