Simone Larson

Simone  Larson
6th Grade ELA
107 Lessons
Haven Middle School
Evanston, IL
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So, This Is Middle School
Big Idea: How did you receive your name? Do you have a prized nickname? Students think about how names play into their own identity.
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So Scheduled!
Big Idea: Getting used to the idea of a "schedule" through literature!
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What To Choose, What To Choose...
Big Idea: Students can use this time to explore the classroom library and choose texts that peek their interests.
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A Fresh Start
Big Idea: Creating academic and personal goals set up a positive dynamic for the transition into sixth grade.
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Routines, routines.
Big Idea: Students are introduced to their weekly homework, as well as the reading accountability measure called the "five-minute focus read."
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Turn that frown upside down.
Big Idea: Through brainstorming, discussion, and sharing, students come up with a list of things they like to write and things they don't like to write.
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Intro to Conferring
Big Idea: Why is conferring important? While students read in the classroom, the teacher meets one on one with students to talk about their independent reading.
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What can I steal?
Big Idea: Students continue to adjust to independent reading routines. They also work with a partner to strengthen their understanding of what makes a high quality written response.
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Annotating Girls & Boys
Big Idea: Do boys and girls have different roles? Students study traditional gender roles through fiction. They close read and examine a text to find clues.
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Special Connections
Big Idea: Who do you connect with? Students reflect upon the special relationships in their lives and write extensively about a memory they shared with one of these connections. This lesson serves as a bridge into the memoir unit.
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Trimming the Fat
Big Idea: How can we trim the fat? What do we need when telling a story? What can we eliminate? Students will find the critical information in their special connection narratives.
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Lift a Line
Big Idea: Students choose one line from their text. It can be funny, sad, serious, or just have powerful word choice. Students write creatively, adding on to that line in a narrative format.
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Independent Reading Strategy Folder
Big Idea: "A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
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