Hillary Boles

Hillary Boles
6th Grade ELA
119 Lessons
Louisville Collegiate School, Ky
Louisville, KY
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Intro to Narrative (and some Silent Discourse)
Big Idea: Using some silent discourse, students will name when writers use narrative effectively and identify what makes it effective.
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Breaking News! Sixth Graders Empathize With Parents (Point of View)
Big Idea: By looking at a visual, students take on the roles of kids, parents, community officials, and even a grouchy old neighbor!
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Memory Maps
Big Idea: By blending action, dialogue, and commentary these first drafts are surprisingly strong!
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Look Who's Talking!
Big Idea: By rewriting a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, students understand how characters "sound" different in text.
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Reach for the Sky (or at least an Exemplary Personal Narrative)
Big Idea: Sometimes students need a mentor text to guide them if they're stuck. By showing my students what a "Exemplary," "Proficient," and "Emerging" text looks like, they can better align their own writing.
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Intro to Storytelling
Big Idea: In our first day in our new "worktext," we look at the learning focus, and begin our journey to narrative texts.
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Parts of a Narrative and Some SpongeBob
Big Idea: By watching a SpongeBob episode, students will identify aspects of a narrative on a graphic organizer, then use the same organizer for their own narratives.
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Peer Review and Problem-Solving
Big Idea: Peer review is not easy! By making the process as interactive as possible, it can get better.
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Intro to Theme
Big Idea: Theme: the bumper sticker of the text!
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Theme, Continued
Big Idea: In this second part of our instruction on theme, students pick a theme for their life in order to begin thinking about how theme can fit into their own Personal Narratives.
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Unpacking the Embedded Assessment
Big Idea: I always show my students where they are going! Unpacking our Embedded Assessments gives them personalized goals for their learning.
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Punctuation Inside Quotation
Big Idea: This is one of my biggest pet-peeves--when punctuation around dialogue it incorrect, it disrupts the conversational flow . This year, I took a holistic approach using all learning styles!
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Put Said to Bed
Big Idea: After reading 130 rough drafts of our first set of Personal Narratives, I read the word "said" in dialogue no less than a thousand times. Here's what I did to remedy this!
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Cause and Effect
Big Idea: Cause and effect is a great way to get 6th graders to organize their thinking!
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