Hillary Boles

Hillary Boles
6th Grade ELA
119 Lessons
Louisville Collegiate School, Ky
Louisville, KY
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Footprints in the Snow (or Marking Up a Text)
Big Idea: Marking up a text, annotating, leaving footprints in the snow...show us your thinking, kids!
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My Brain is a File Cabinet
Big Idea: When students are able to use background knowledge when they read, the ability to comprehend is drastically improved. And that's a good thing!
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Of Course We Discourse!
Big Idea: Getting kids comfortable talking to each other is a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end!
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Avoiding the Librarian Stare Down (Expectations for Visiting the Library)
Big Idea: For our first library visit in Middle School, students get a mini-lesson in how to utilize resources, locate genres, and behave like scholars.
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How Readers Choose Books
Big Idea: Half the battle is getting students into a book to begin with!
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Interacting with a Text
Big Idea: As a way of introducing nonfiction and informational texts, connecting to our Anchor Text is the easiest way to go!
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Turn and Talk Fishbowl
Big Idea: Having used the Turn and Talk strategy for years, deciding to take the discourse deeper challenges thinking.
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A Community of Rocket Scientists
Big Idea: Students become rocket scientists, as they collaboratively solve how to get from a moon mishap to their mothership.
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Metacognitive Marvin, the Little Guy Inside My Head
Big Idea: Inspired by a quote in Cris Tovani's book "So What Do They Really Know?" students identify the narrator in their head.
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How to Buzz (or talk about what we read)
Big Idea: All of my favorite books have come as recommendations from friends. By "Buzzing" better than an Amazon.com review, students share their reading (and, shhhh, their thinking).
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Independent Reading Check In
Big Idea: By our first midterm, I had a sneaking suspension that some students had lost some momentum toward their goal. Good thing I didn't!
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Sketch to Stretch Your Thinking
Big Idea: I pull this lesson out on figurative rainy days--when my kids have been working really hard, when we're all a little burned out. I mean, who doesn't like a little doodling?
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Intro to Independent Reading
Big Idea: Students learn what reading looks like in our classroom and read an engaging article to help build our community.
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Community Building
Big Idea: Before our first peer review, I knew my kids needed some community-building before they would trust each other. So we built each other up!
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Abandoning Books
Big Idea: Language Arts teachers never tell kids that it's okay to give up on a book, but this lesson gives intentionality to this act.
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The Workshop Wonderland
Big Idea: By establishing routines and rituals, students learn that there are community-based benefits of the workshop.
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Writing a Good Recommendation
Big Idea: I really try to stay away from adding work to student choice reading, but a book recommendation seems like a nice compromise.
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Background Knowledge and Independent Reading
Big Idea: Sometimes we get so wrapped up in new concepts, we forget to give the kids an opportunity to practice reading on their own.
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Reading Contract
Big Idea: As a way to chunk their goal, and to keep track of progress, we created a contract.
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Using Images to Infer
Big Idea: Using powerful images, students will make inferences.
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