Michelle Marcus

Michelle Marcus
3rd Grade Science
81 Lessons
Pembroke Elementary School
Troy, MI
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Science?  What's That?
Big Idea: To create a culture of scientists, we must give children an opportunity to acquaint themselves with, learn, and practice scientific routines and use related tools and materials Children are natural scientists and this lesson is to help them own that.
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It's A Mystery: We Need Evidence!
Big Idea: Using literature and mystery is a wonderful way to engage children in the use of and importance of evidence when making a claim.
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Our Senses Will Lead the Way
Big Idea: Mysteries are fun to solve. In this lesson, students have a chance to step through a guessing game using their senses to gather evidence.
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Developing Tests to Compare and Contrast
Big Idea: Having students compare and contrast items they are familiar with pushes them to dig more deeply into designing tests to describe evidence that is not so obvious.
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