Michelle Marcus

Michelle Marcus
3rd Grade Math
101 Lessons
Pembroke Elementary School
Troy, MI
Student Environment:
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What Is Math Anyway
Big Idea: It is important to go slow to go fast. Students are successful when they have a clear understanding of expectations. At the start of the school year the rules and rituals for the Math Workshop are established through modeling and practice.
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DEFEND your ideas with a Journal
Big Idea: Students need practice in representing their mathematical thinking in order to share it with others and assess their own understanding. This lesson engages them to work out a problem from a story read to them in more than one way.
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Moving Along with Talking Moves
Big Idea: Students always want to share! This lesson allows us to create a routine where everyone is safe in sharing their thinking and comfortable responding to another's presentation of understanding.
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It's Not Just Game Play!
Big Idea: Partner work during math sessions occurs almost daily. Developing classroom norms and routines, including appropriate behavior in math games, is a critical component for success.
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Mathematics and Literature
Big Idea: Students love to talk about what they read. Use literature to begin growing mathematical thinkers and communicators.
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