Thomas Young

Thomas Young
1st Grade Science
65 Lessons
Waitsfield Elementary School
Waitsfield, VT
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Day 1:  Amazing Apple Observations
Big Idea: Using a familiar experience (fruit) this activity provides the students with a common experience with a familiar material. This allows the students to focus on their notebooks rather than trying to make sense of the content of the investigation.
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Day 2:  Observing Plants
Big Idea: Students will work with a variety of partners to continue to learn from each other and see a variety of ways students are recording observations. Students will also learn how to use their science notebooks to answer questions from peers.
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Day 3:  A Closer Look At Plants
Big Idea: Students will take a closer look at the structure of plants by using hand lenses. Later on in the lesson, students will be exposed to the idea of using relevant vocabulary within their observations.
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Day 4:  Adding Color For Detailed Observations
Big Idea: Today your students will continue to observe and record plant structures. The use of colored pencils to enhance and add specific detail to the observations will be introduced.
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Day 5:  Looking At A New Plant
Big Idea: Students will be given a new plant and asked to compare it to their original plant and record their observations in their science journals.
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