Thomas Young

Thomas Young
1st Grade Math
138 Lessons
Waitsfield Elementary School
Waitsfield, VT
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Learning To Be A Friendly Partner
Big Idea: Students will learn how to work in cooperative teams as they play a simple math game. They will be introduced to appropriate expectations and then have a chance to model them. The students will have an opportunity to explore three new math tools, too.
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What Is Today?
Big Idea: Start humming the theme to the Adams Family in your head. This catchy tune will be an auditory tool to help students remember the names and order of the months of the year.
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Big Idea: Pop, pop, pop! Nobody want a kernel of corn left un-popped! Today the students will play a game called "Popcorn." The game will require that the students continually practice a selected rote sequence of counting.
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20 Beans
Big Idea: If you were Jack, of Beanstalk Fame, then today would be your dream day in math. Today the students are introduced to a counting game called 20 Beans.
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Start At/Stop At
Big Idea: The students are introduced to the routine of starting at a number on the number line and counting to another number on the number line. The class continues to play and discuss 20 beans.
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