Emilie Hill

Emilie Hill
High School Chemistry
47 Lessons
John Marshall Senior High
Los Angeles, CA
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Student Created Introduction Videos
Big Idea: Movie making is a great communication tool that is useful for chemistry.
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Investigating What We Cannot See
Big Idea: In chemistry, often we are observing results of reactions and then making inferences.
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Dimensional Analysis
Big Idea: We can convert from one unit of measurement to another by using conversion factors.
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Subatomic Particles and Relative Masses
Big Idea: Proton mass = neutron mass >> electron mass; Electrons have about 1/1800th the mass of a proton or neutron.
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Common Groups of Elements
Big Idea: The periodic table is organized in such a way that we can infer properties of elements based on their positions.
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Atom Modeling
Big Idea: Element identities are determined by number of protons; differing numbers of neutrons make isotopes
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