Erik Sussbauer, Ed. D.

Erik Sussbauer, Ed. D.
11th Grade ELA
126 Lessons
Mohawk Trail Reg High
Shelburne Falls, MA
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Name That Function
Big Idea: Every word, phrase, and clause of a text plays an important role in creating meaning.
  Favorites (40)   Resources (17)   Reflections (2)
Analyze Function of Words and Syntax
Big Idea: Every word, and every placement of a word, has a role to play for making meaning.
  Favorites (7)   Resources (15)   Reflections (2)
Using Academic Language
Big Idea: Use of academic language turns into sharper writing and deeper discussion.
  Favorites (8)   Resources (11)   Reflections (2)
Students Reflect On Their Own Writing
Big Idea: Reflecting with purpose will help improve writing by making what students already do well and not so well clear.
  Favorites (6)   Resources (13)   Reflections (1)
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