Regan Aymett

Regan Aymett
1st Grade ELA
162 Lessons
Learning Way Elementary
Shelbyville, TN
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Brush Those Teeth
Big Idea: Brushing your teeth has to be done in a certain order. The students connect this everyday activity to the characters, setting, and events in a story.
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Why Characters Do What They Do
Big Idea: Changing shoes is connected to a character analysis. Why do we change shoes?
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Making Speech Bubbles
Big Idea: Use cartoons to understand story elements and create a cartoon.
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Big Idea: The students and I analyze the individuals, events, and ideas that develop in the lunchroom at school.
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Questioning Text
Big Idea: Creating a product and illustrations make this lesson great for teaching about questioning.
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Poppleton in Winter
Big Idea: Use illustrations, humor, and characters to learn about the plot.
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Story Wheel
Big Idea: Original strategies are used to get the student to see retelling in a new light.
  Favorites (10)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Big Idea: Build retelling skills with a hands activity. Students engage in creating their own story chain.
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Roll A Question
Big Idea: Roll cubes to make answering questions exciting and engaging.
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Character Web
Big Idea: Analyze their favorite character using an engaging lesson. This lesson allows the learner to think deep about characters.
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