Caitlin Chiller

Caitlin  Chiller
12th Grade ELA
84 Lessons
Whitehall High School
Whitehall, MT
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12th Grade ELA
113 Lessons
Highland High School
Pocatello, ID
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Maine South High School
Park Ridge, IL
12th Grade ELA
62 Lessons
West Broward High School
Pembroke Pines, FL
Unpacking a Metaphysical Conceit
Big Idea: Understanding a complex metaphor is made easier when students see each step along the way.
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Unpacking A College Freshman English Syllabus
Big Idea: What is expected in English classrooms that is also expected in college? How is high school preparing students for higher education?
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Unpacking A Metaphysical Conceit, Again
Big Idea: Sometimes it is worth teaching a lesson a second time
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'Mark but this flea' Unpacking a Whole Poem
Big Idea: How can students read difficult literature without being overwhelmed?
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Writing a Metaphysical Conceit
Big Idea: Writing poetry and creating figurative language become easier if students are able to understand the components through literary analysis.
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Personal Statement Boot Camp
Big Idea: How can the college personal statement be deconstructed into a manageable activity for seniors?
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Polishing the Metaphysical Conceit into a Poem
Big Idea: How do metaphors extend an entire poem?
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