Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole
1st Grade Math
143 Lessons
KIPP Central City Primary
New Orleans, LA
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What are our norms for how we listen?
Big Idea: This lesson helps build a strong culture of problem solvers, and it can work as an introduction in 1st grade or as a Kindergarten lesson!
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Explaining Other People's Thinking
Big Idea: Set up a culture of listening and understanding in your classroom with this meta cognitive lesson on what our brains do when we listen.
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What is a story problem?
Big Idea: Start your year off strong with this introduction to problem solving in first grade! Or use this lesson to kick off your Kindergarten problem solving unit.
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Criteria for Success: Story Problem
Big Idea: Students learn the basics of "Modeling with Mathematics" (CCSS.MP.4) as they practice putting their thinking on paper in this beginning of year lesson.
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What is the action of the problem?
Big Idea: Students work towards CCSS.MP1: Make sense of and persevere through problems with this introductory lesson. Students learn to visualize what is happening in the problem.
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Put together or Take Away?
Big Idea: Idea: Students learn the basics of 1.OA.1 by mixing addition and subtraction word problems from day 1. The focus question is: Put together or take away?
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Act it out!
Big Idea: Students solve problems and begin to explore the "counting on" strategy!
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Is Your Dance Card Full?
Big Idea: Students use the language of the problems to help them identify whether or not they are adding more animals to the dance floor or taking away. This lesson is based on the book Giraffes Can't Dance.
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Pumpkin Patch Math
Big Idea: We up the rigor in this strategy share! Students are expected to show 2 strategies for each problem in this fall inspired lesson.
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What is counting on?
Big Idea: Students play a mystery game to practice a counting on strategy. This is a great lesson to reach different kinds of learners!
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