Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole
1st Grade Math
143 Lessons
KIPP Central City Primary
New Orleans, LA
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What is your favorite Little Bear story?
Big Idea: Students begin their understanding of graphs by collecting data about how their class felt about a shared experience. Students use Little Bear as a jumping off point to see what a graph tells us about what people in our class think.
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What is your favorite pet?
Big Idea: Students will think deeply about data they collected to generate sentences about the graph. This is a great culture building activity because it allows students to think about what they know about their classmates through this graph.
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What is your favorite snack?
Big Idea: Students begin to understand that graphs are used to persuade. In this lesson, students collect classroom data, make sure all the statements that they hear about the data are true, and then try to convince the cafeteria staff to buy us more goldfish!
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What playground toy should the principal buy for us?
Big Idea: Students apply what they know about data analysis to determining which statements are true or false about a graph. Students also begin to understand how graphs are used in the real world by using a graph in a persuasive letter.
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Would you rather be a kid or a grown up?
Big Idea: Would you rather be a kid or a grown up? This question interests students and engages them in an interesting graphing exercise focused on how many total data points there are in a graph.
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How many more: An Introduction
Big Idea: This introduction to data comparisons will help students start to use "how many more" language to compare 2 groups. In the meantime, they will also get to graph their favorite sports and send the information to the PE teacher.
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Big Idea: Students decide what their next Fun Friday activity will be in this fun graphing lesson, where students are also engaging in data comparison conversations!
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