Melissa Romano

Melissa Romano
4th Grade Science
38 Lessons
Four Georgians School
Helena, MT
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Drop and Pop - Energy and Speed Exploration
Big Idea: In this lesson, students use a FUN TOY to make observations that speed is related to the amount of energy in an object as well as work with gravitational and elastic potential energy.
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Balloon Rockets Launch New Learning
Big Idea: In this inquiry based lesson, students work with partners to build rockets with balloons, string, and straws. Students work with altering variables in order to observe how energy and speed are related.
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Marvelous Marbles Moving
Big Idea: In this lesson, students use cardboard tubes to build marble roller coasters.
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Crashing Cars
Big Idea: In this lesson, students use toy cars and observe what happens when the cars collide.
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Moving Pennies
Big Idea: In this lesson, students work with pennies to develop questions and predict what happens when objects collide.
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