Julie Ferreira

Julie Ferreira
11th Grade ELA
83 Lessons
Taunton High
Taunton, MA
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Edward R. Roybal Learning Center
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The American Dream
Big Idea: The American Dream serves as a motivational force influencing personal decisions.
  Favorites (76)   Resources (16)   Reflections (1)
The Dark Side of Desire
Big Idea: Ambition clouds moral aptitude leading down a darkened path.
  Favorites (27)   Resources (13)
Gatsby Chapter 1:  The Evolution
Big Idea: Gatsby's "egg"-cellent adventure begins with a single green light.
  Favorites (29)   Resources (14)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 1 Review:  The Character Notebook
Big Idea: Beyond the Green Light: Concentrating on Characterization
  Favorites (15)   Resources (15)   Reflections (1)
Fitzgerald and The Modernists
Big Idea: Modernism makes mockery of American Dream.
  Favorites (14)   Resources (16)
Chapter 2:  Myrtle's Apartment
Big Idea: The decadence of the 1920s is showcased through the relationship between Tom and Myrtle.
  Favorites (10)   Resources (14)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 3: The Amusement Park
Big Idea: Empty gestures: Mood rings in reality
  Favorites (10)   Resources (20)   Reflections (1)
Gatsby Characterization:  Fact vs. Fiction
Big Idea: Will the real Jay Gatsby please stand up?
  Favorites (7)   Resources (16)
Quiz Review for Chapters 1-3
Big Idea: Testing Gatsby...One-two-three: Review of Chapters 1-3
  Favorites (5)   Resources (15)   Reflections (1)
Chapters 1-3 Quiz/Read Chapter 4
Big Idea: Characterization unpeels Gatsby.
  Favorites (11)   Resources (17)
Chapter 4 Review/Chapter 5:  The Secret of Castle Rackrent
Big Idea: Will Gatsby get game to woo Daisy?
  Favorites (6)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 5 Predictions
Big Idea: The way we were/are? Measuring accuracy of predictions
  Favorites (5)   Resources (15)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 6: Gatsby's American Dream
Big Idea: Flashing back to the truth.
  Favorites (10)   Resources (19)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 6 Review:  The Man Behind the Curtain
Big Idea: How to make friends and influence people? Both the Great Gatsby and the Wizard of Oz perfect their persona.
  Favorites (11)   Resources (13)
The Reliable/Unreliable Narrator
Big Idea: Call him irresponsible? Nick's depiction of events warrants some scrutiny.
  Favorites (12)   Resources (18)
Chapter 7: The Death Car
Big Idea: Her voice was full of money: Daisy's impact on bankrupting Gatsby's American Dream
  Favorites (9)   Resources (19)
Is It Love or Loot? Assessing Character Motivations
Big Idea: Gatsby's eye for Daisy proves to be blind.
  Favorites (4)   Resources (23)
Prufrock and Gatsby: Modernist Men
Big Idea: Measuring life out with coffee spoons: Pitiful Prufrock bears a resemblance to the Great Gatsby.
  Favorites (6)   Resources (14)   Reflections (1)
Chapter 8: The Holocaust Was Complete
Big Idea: Gatsby offers the ultimate sacrifice: his life.
  Favorites (7)   Resources (16)
Socratic Seminar: The Climax to The Great Gatsby
Big Idea: The climax to The Great Gatsby proves to be as elusive as the green light.
  Favorites (12)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Analyzing Choice: the Resurfacing of Careless People
Big Idea: So we beat on: The inability to escape one's past pervades Gatsby's dream.
  Favorites (12)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Gatsby's Review:  Themes, Dreams, and Schemes
Big Idea: Boats against the current: Delving into The Great Gatsby to glean theme.
  Favorites (22)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
The Great Gatsby Summative Assessment
Big Idea: Summative Assessment qualifies knowledge of The Great Gatsby.
  Favorites (30)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
The Other Medium: Movie Interpretation of The Great Gatsby
Big Idea: Why don't we just watch the movie? Evaluating choice in literature.
  Favorites (8)   Resources (9)
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