Dawn Gunn

Dawn Gunn
Kindergarten Math
111 Lessons
John F. Long
Phoenix, AZ
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Match Me!
Big Idea: Kids love to count and build puzzles. This activity encourages them to do both! The kids count objects on puzzle pieces and match the groups of objects to the correct number.
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Roll Me!
Big Idea: Students strengthen their 1-6 counting skills by rolling a die, counting the number of dots, counting out that number of objects, and recording their actions on a white board.
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Counting 0-10
Big Idea: Students will be able to count up to 10 objects independently using oral directions and modeling by the teacher.
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Spin It!
Big Idea: Students in kindergarten are required to match quantities with corresponding numerals from 0 to 20. It is best to teach numbers to quantities in “chunks.” This lesson focuses on reinforcing counting quantities 0 to 9.
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Towers, Towers, Towers 1 - 5
Big Idea: Children develop a true sense of number by working with real things. In this lesson, kindergarteners use blocks to build towers, learning what numbers 1-5 mean.
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Towers, Towers, Towers 6-10
Big Idea: This lesson is the sequel to Towers! Towers! Towers! 1-5. Students continue to develop their sense of quantity as they build successive taller towers.
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