David Kujawski

David Kujawski
6th Grade Science
68 Lessons
Bird Middle
East Walpole, MA
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The Basics of Using Science Notebooks in Your Classes
Big Idea: Science notebooks are a powerful tool that you can use in your classes to create a more student-centered learning atmosphere. Get rid of the worksheets and let your students create the tables, models and notes on their own!
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The Egg in a Flask Mystery (Day 1 of 2)
Big Idea: Get your kids excited to be in science by presenting the egg challenge lesson. Students will develop important NGSS practices by determining how the egg got into the flask!
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The Egg in a Flask Mystery (Day 2)
Big Idea: Modeling and visual thinking are powerful tools to augment student conceptual understanding. This lesson gives students the opportunity to use simulations and gamification to strengthen their explanation of the egg phenomenon.
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Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning to Support Student Ideas in Science
Big Idea: 6th grade students have lots of ideas and generally know the importance of evidence; however, they often lack the structure to effectively communicate and make connections. Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning helps establish this important skill!
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Observations: Laying the Foundation
Big Idea: Observations are key to unearthing new scientific discoveries, as well as enabling kids to build conceptual understanding of science. This lesson teaches kids to be accurate and objective and introduces the difference between quantitative and qualitative.
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When Your Teacher Gives You Apples, Make Observations!
Big Idea: Observations are only as good as the observer! This lesson--inspired by an NSTA Journal--will demonstrate the importance of being accurate and objective!
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Investigating Dinosaur Footprints to Develop Observation and Inferring Skills
Big Idea: Students need exposure to actual scenarios that promote the nature of science. This lesson asks students to piece together explanations and then challenge their previous beliefs based on new findings.
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Recreating Dinosaur Skeletons from Fossils Using Observation, Prior Knowledge and Inferring (Day 1 of 2)
Big Idea: Using observations and inferences doesn't have to be boring! You can implement this lesson to bring back excitement, while modeling good scientific practices, such as observing, inferring, argumentation and using evidence!
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Researching Other Dinosaur Skeletons (Day 2 of 3)
Big Idea: Scientists change their models all the time, based on new evidence that is collected in the scientific community. Once it is disseminated scientists modify their models. Have your students research and then reconstruct their dinosaurs, too!
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Reconstructing Dinosaur Skeletons (Day 3 of 3)
Big Idea: Scientists are always sharing their findings with the scientific community. This lesson gives students the opportunity to mimic these practices in class, so that they can recreate their initial models that are based on new evidence.
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Mystery  Tube
Big Idea: Models help us understand science, often changing as we learn more about a topic. The mystery tube helps students develop an understanding of the nature of science by using indirect observations to help explain how the tube might work.
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