Jessica Uy

Jessica Uy
101 Lessons
Fremont High
Sunnyvale, CA
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Multiple Ways of Seeing
Big Idea: Students will engage in structured, collaborative small group and whole group discussions to see how multiple ways of seeing can deepen the class' collective understanding.
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Four Triangles
Big Idea: Students will engage in a hands-on activity through which they will be introduced to the notion of proof by exhaustion as well as one of the big ideas of geometry: classifying and differentiating.
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Four Triangles Sorting Activity
Big Idea: Students will take risks and build a sense of community as they share working definitions of their criterion and show how their four-triangle figures exemplify that criterion with their peers.
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Good Listening: Shape Spiel
Big Idea: Students will practice "good listening" as they describe geometric images to their partners.
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Respecting Others' Thinking: How Many Squares?
Big Idea: Students will use inductive reasoning as they try to explain patterns and solve the "How Many Squares?" problem while engaging in the mathematical practice standards.
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Introducing Geometry Quiz: Four Triangles
Big Idea: On this short assessment, students will be able to apply lessons learned from the Four Triangles problem in a new context.
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