Erica Burnison

Erica Burnison
7th Grade Math
145 Lessons
C. A. Jacobs Intermediate
Dixon, CA
Student Environment:
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Writing the Rules
Big Idea: Students explore their prior knowledge of order of operations to create expressions.
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Writing the Rules Part 2
Big Idea: Students are beginning to engage in academic conversations about math and reinforcing PEMDAS
  Favorites (4)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
The Power of Exponents
Big Idea: Students will learn how changes to an expression create predictable changes in the solution.
  Favorites (1)   Resources (13)   Reflections (2)
Four 4s Poster
Big Idea: Students are engaging in cooperative argumentation and attend to precision while reviewing order of operation
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Conversation Moves
Big Idea: Creating a safe environment where mistakes are used as a learning tool.
  Favorites (8)   Resources (15)   Reflections (2)
Out of Order
Big Idea: Practicing the hard parts
  Favorites (2)   Resources (8)
Let's talk addition!
Big Idea: Improving number sense and using number properties
  Favorites (1)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
What Were They Thinking?!
Big Idea: Students will start to generalize a variety of strategies to uncover the number properties of addition.
  Favorites (2)   Resources (14)   Reflections (2)
Delightful Decimals
Big Idea: Students begin to use mental math to gain better decimal number sense.
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