Malissa Thomas-St.Clair

Malissa Thomas-St.Clair
7th Grade Math
99 Lessons
Champion Middle School
Columbus, OH
Student Environment:
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About Malissa

Hello to my fellow educators. As we all know we are far more than educators. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, guidance counselors, best friends, and much, much, more! I am a 15 year veteran educator who is passionate about student success and student achievement. I am eager to share exciting, creative, and fun filled lessons that will create a spark into all of your classrooms. I live for creating and finding new and innovative ways to implement rigorous lessons in an easy impactful way. As a student I had a difficult time in middle school with comprehension and retention. As I developed my own ways to make what was being taught relevant to my own world, I began to develop strategies that I use to this day. The strategies are easy to use. I am a vivacious person with lots of personality. This is reflected in my instructional practices and lessoning. I love to share, and more importantly I love to learn from others. I look forward to great dialogue and gaining wonderful ideas for my classroom and instructional needs.
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