Malissa Thomas-St.Clair

Malissa Thomas-St.Clair
7th Grade Math
99 Lessons
Champion Middle School
Columbus, OH
Student Environment:
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Opening Day
Big Idea: Students will have fun learning more about their classroom.
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Which Mathematical Practice Am I?
Big Idea: Let’s Introduce the Mathematical Practices on Day One to our students through a fun interactive game, and allow the students to create a resource that will be accessible all year!
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Math Mysteries!
Big Idea: With the focal point being on the mathematical practices, student’s will become math detectives searching for evidence to solve mathematical mysteries.
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Mile High!
Big Idea: Let’s see how well students can identify the mathematical practices while solving a 3 part task based problem from illustrative mathematics.
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Can We Talk?
Big Idea: Students will use their investigative skills to interpret student dialogue and compare their own dialogue used to solve a task.
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Let's Put Our Hard Work to the Test!
Big Idea: Students will realize math is not just memorization and facts through consistent engagement with the Mathematical Practices.
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