Rhonda Leichliter

Rhonda Leichliter
Algebra I
108 Lessons
Rogers High School
Rogers, AR
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First Day of School
Big Idea: To use the strategy of Questions Under the Desk to Engage students in a class discussion of what they want their math classroom to look like this year.
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Introducing Functions
Big Idea: To use the concrete example of (pieces of furniture, room location) to develop deeper student understanding of a function that leads to quantitative examples.
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Identifying Functions and Providing Rationale
Big Idea: This lesson introduces functions with the school's vending machine, and uses a Frayer Model to summarize the different representations of relations and functions.
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Domain and Range of Graphs Using Set Builder Notation
Big Idea: Restrictions! Students gain a strong foundation for Inequalities, and use two different colors to organize the difference between domain and range.
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Domain and Range of Graphs Using Interval Notation
Big Idea: To have a deeper understanding of interval notation from inequalities and how the square bracket includes the number and the parentheses does not include it.
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Evaluating Functions Using Function Notation
Big Idea: The emphasis in this lesson is to make a connection from what students already know about evaluating an expression to evaluating and interpreting a function.
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Evaluating Graphs and Equations Using Function Notation
Big Idea: To be able to read and comprehend function notation to know the difference between when to find x and when to find y.
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Investigation of Distance and Time Graphs Using  a CBR
Big Idea: To match graphs to a student walking in real time to develop a conceptual understanding of distance over time and compare it to speed over time.
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Introduction of Parent Functions
Big Idea: To recognize the t-table as a strategy to use to graph all unfamiliar equations.
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Transformations of Parent Functions
Big Idea: To develop an understanding for the transformations of parent functions through repeated reasoning (MP8) and the structure (MP7) of the equation.
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Preparing for Partner Presentations on Transformation of a Parent Function(Day 1 of 2)
Big Idea: For students to become more comfortable with the graphing vocabulary verbally, and in written form in a non-testing situation.
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Partner Presentations on the Transformation of a Parent Function(Day 2 of 2)
Big Idea: Students will verbalize and identify the correct transformations from a parent function and explain the new function using the correct graphing vocabulary.
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Mastery of the Function Unit
Big Idea: To be able to show mastery of Function Concepts in different forms of test questions.
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