Jason Slowbe

Jason Slowbe
12th Grade Math
104 Lessons
Great Oak High
Temecula, CA
Student Environment:
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A Brief Tour of My Classroom
Big Idea: Before diving into my course, let me show you around my classroom!
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The First Day
Big Idea: First impressions are everything. High Fives at the door, high expectations, high energy. Here we go.
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False Proofs
Big Idea: All students will make mistakes this year. Let’s give them some tools for proactively identifying and correcting their own mistakes.
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Transformations and Piecewise Functions
Big Idea: Understanding of calculus is enhanced by connecting algebraic and graphical representations of functions. Let’s review that graphical piece.
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Introducing Calculus
Big Idea: What is calculus? Students will discover a basic answer using a real-life context that will frame their future calculus learning.
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Understanding Logarithms and Exponents
Big Idea: Logarithms can seem foreign to students but are quite natural mathematically. Today we review logarithms for understanding by asking “Why?”.
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