Heather Sparks

Heather Sparks
8th Grade Math
100 Lessons
Taft Middle School
Oklahoma City, OK
Student Environment:
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Day One
Big Idea: On the first day of school, I not only distribute the required course syllabus and play a name game with my students, but I also spend a majority of the time introducing two critical classroom procedures: the talking box and how to exit.
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Day Two
Big Idea: Setting up journals as a group ensures students begin the year organized in math class!
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Day Three
Big Idea: We continue to establish and practice procedures to help our class operate smoothly from day-to-day. Continuous Improvement quizzes help us chart progress toward the standards over time.
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Day Four & Five
Big Idea: To help guide instruction for the year and establish a baseline for quarterly benchmark assessments, students will take a benchmark test aligned to the CCSS.
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