Mauricio Beltre

Mauricio Beltre
8th Grade Math
121 Lessons
Corner Lake Middle
Orlando, FL
Student Environment:
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Teaching Philosophy

About Mauricio

Grew up in New York City's upper west side where I attended elementary, high school, and college at City University of New York, specifically, CCNY. Masters at Buffalo State College and a Masters in Technology Education at PUCMM in Dominican Republic. Despite originally being a Science major, I've taught Math for 20 years now, mostly at St. Michael's School in D.R. I recently returned to NYC and presently teaching math at a South Bronx public high school. My experience in different school settings and with students of completely different social and economic backgrounds has made me a more insightful and judicious teacher. I am much for change in education in order to keep students in school and help them prepare for the fast paced technological, and uncertain world that awaits them. I also feel that we need to give students more opportunities to discover their talents, offering arts and crafts, fine arts, languages, civics courses, and other skills to help develop well rounded and integral individuals.
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