Beth Menzie

Beth Menzie
53 Lessons
Amsterdam High School
Amsterdam, NY
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Dig In! Day 1
Big Idea: Want to find out how many unique shapes can be created using four congruent isosceles right triangles? Dig in!
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Dig In! Day 2
Big Idea: What's true about the area and perimeter of our polygons from Part 1? To find out: Dig in!
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Introduction to Geometry
Big Idea: There's no doubt about it - we've got to know them! Important geometric definitions and vocabulary.
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Introduction to Geometry (Part 2)
Big Idea: It's all about angles! Angles, angle pairs, and how to bisect them.
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Algebra and Angle Pairs
Big Idea: More basics of Geometry: Drawing diagrams, identifying and naming angles and angle pairs, and solving algebraic problems involving angle pairs. And an answer to that eternal question - why can't we just measure instead of doing constructions?
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Pulling It All Together: Tools of Geometry Unit Review
Big Idea: Time to pull it all together! Students work cooperatively, applying the concepts of this unit in preparation for the unit test.
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Tools of Geometry Unit Assessment
Big Idea: Test time! Students take the first unit assessment, aligned to the Common Core standards for this unit.
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