James Bialasik

James Bialasik
Algebra I
149 Lessons
Sweet Home Senior High School
Amherst, NY
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PRE-ALGEBRA: Evaluating Expressions
Big Idea: Students learn best when they can build their own meaning around content. In this lesson, the students will have a chance to play with numbers while using order of operations to evaluate expressions.
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Defining Functions Recursively
Big Idea: A productive understanding of recursive definitions for functions provides a strong foundation for learning to write explicit formulas.
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Tower Task: Exploring Explicit Formulas
Big Idea: Manipulatives help students build a foundation for understanding abstract concepts. This lesson allows students to use manipulatives to gain a concrete understanding of the concept of a function.
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Function Notation
Big Idea: Introducing function notation by using it to describe a familiar problem (Tower Task) enables students to grasp its usefulness and build on their understanding of the concept of a function.
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Understanding Domain and Range
Big Idea: Real life examples make it easier to understand the application of the concept of function. This lesson allows students to determine domain and range based on feasible inputs and outputs for a function.
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Multiple Representation of Functions
Big Idea: For students to be successful they must be able to understand and interpret multiple representations of functions in order to ultimately understand their characteristics.
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Piecewise and Step Functions
Big Idea: Students will construct a step function by analyzing salaries that increase at certain intervals. Students will transfer this understanding to constructing piecewise functions that are defined on specific domains.
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Mirror Task: Understanding Equivalent Functions
Big Idea: Functions that model the same situation can often be written in different ways which are all equivalent.
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Modeling with Functions
Big Idea: The situation that a function represents is reflected in the graph of that function.
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Functions Practice and Assessment
Big Idea: This lesson will use formative assessment to allow students time to practice concepts and skills based on their individual needs.
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Introduction to Piecewise Functions: Dance-a-Thon Question
Big Idea: By looking at a situation in context students will discover the need for piecewise functions.
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More with Piecewise Functions
Big Idea: Understanding the domain of a piecewise function is essential to being able to graph it.
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Evaluating Functions Day 2
Big Idea: Students who understand functions well can make connections between the graph of a function and the equation of the function.
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Transformation of Functions Day 1
Big Idea: Students will use structure and patterns to determine the "rules" for translating functions.
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Transformation of Functions Day 2
Big Idea: Students will use the Desmos online graphing calculator to explore transformations of various functions.
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Transformations "How To" Guide
Big Idea: Students will be producing a "how to" guide for horizontal and vertical transformations of functions.
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Functions Review Assignment
Big Idea: This review assignment will wrap up the functions unit and help students understand what they need to continue to study.
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Functions Unit Assessment
Big Idea: Now is the chance to show off what you know about functions.
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