Christa Lemily

Christa  Lemily
8th Grade Math
156 Lessons
South Warren Middle School
Bowling Green, KY
Student Environment:
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About Christa

In 2000 I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a marketing degree and began to work in the children's wear division of Fruit of the Loom. I was a marketing manager with a teacher trapped inside. In 2003 I quit my job and began the process of going back to school to become a middle grades math teacher. Teaching is my passion. I have taught 8th grade math, algebra I, geometry, and algebra II to students of all ages since 2006. I was originally hired as a high school math teacher and grew to love working with students on the cusp of maturity. Now, I am a middle grades math teacher who loves the energy and excitement my students bring into the room. I like to tell people that high school students see the light at the end of the tunnel and are always reaching to get there. Middle school students have so many years of education left, they are generally just happy to be at school. I have worked in many different situations with many different types of people, and I am blessed to say I have enjoyed it all! I currently live in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with my husband and our three beautiful daughters. I teach math at South Warren Middle School in Warren County. These past three years, I have been a participant in the Mathematics Design Collaborative, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Wow! My whole view of teaching has been challenged and turned upside down. It has been hard work but some of the most rewarding work I and my students have ever completed together. I look forward to continuing the journey learning and growing as I strive to become the best teacher I can be.
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