Christa Lemily

Christa  Lemily
8th Grade Math
156 Lessons
South Warren Middle School
Bowling Green, KY
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First Day of School
Big Idea: Students will use animal puzzle piece to find seat partners without even speaking a word!
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Second Day of School
Big Idea: Information day! Getting to know the students will help when I need to make assignments, groups, or phone calls home.
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Assessment Data
Big Idea: Formative assessment data is important for teachers and students to monitor progress and set goals.
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Setting Good Habits
Big Idea: Students will make practical the seven habits of highly effective people to have a private and public victory at school.
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Developing the Public Victory
Big Idea: I am the manager of my classroom but not a dictator. Students work best when they have responsibility for developing the expectations.
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Creating Student Accounts
Big Idea: How connected are your students outside of the classroom? What if you could get students talking about math from home using technology?
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Student Lead Parent Conference - First Midterm Report
Big Idea: Students "host" a student-lead parent conference to show ownership of their own learning and open the partnership between school and home.
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