Stephanie Conklin

Stephanie Conklin
75 Lessons
Saratoga Springs High School
Saratoga Springs, NY
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Introduction to Geometry:  Points, Lines and Planes
Big Idea: Students will create models of points, lines and planes after defining these key words.
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Segments First
Big Idea: Students will measure, measure, measure to discover properties of segments.
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Now Angles
Big Idea: Learn to be like Euclid in this lesson that’s all about measuring, constructing and apply concepts of angles.
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Angles Upon Angles
Big Idea: Angles pair up with special names in this lesson featuring a brain pop and pair-share investigations which are geared for differentiation instruction.
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Going the Distance
Big Idea: Parallel, perpendicular lines oh my! Students use prior knowledge to define these lines and find midpoint and distance of line segments.
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Around the World Review
Big Idea: Students will move all around the room to review everything about points, lines and planes.
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Assessment for Points, Lines and Planes
Big Idea: Students will be assessed on points, lines and planes unit using a formative test.
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