Shaun Errichiello

Shaun Errichiello
8th Grade Math
152 Lessons
Middle School 255 Salk School Of Science
New York, NY
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Developing Right and Straight Angle Intuition
Big Idea: Introduce and explore the connections between supplementary and complementary angles using algebra.
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Create Problems with Right and Straight angles
Big Idea: Students complete a mini-project creating problems involving angles for their classmates to solve.
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Why Are Vertical Angles Equal?
Big Idea: Give students a chance to prove that all vertical angles are equal.
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Create Vertical Angle Problems
Big Idea: Give students a chance to create problems around the concept of vertical angles.
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Developing Transversal Intuition
Big Idea: Students get a change to make informal arguments about angles and explain why and when angles will be equal when they are cut by a transversal.
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Create Transversal Problems
Big Idea: Students get a chance to create a challenging problem around transversals and revisit linear functions.
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Why Do Triangles Have 180 Degrees?
Big Idea: Students realize that triangles are the basis for defining all angle measure.
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Walking Around a Triangle
Big Idea: In this investigation we open with AA criterion for triangles and help students discover that the exterior angles of a triangle (and any polygon) must always add to 360.
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Defining Key Angle Relationships
Big Idea: We should let students observe the relationships between different types of angles and develop their intuition.
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Triangle Sum Theorem Proof
Big Idea: When given the opportunity to connect their knowledge about lines and angles, students can deduce an important theorem.
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Angles and Algebra
Big Idea: Using algebraic expressions for angles reinforces student understanding of basic algebra tools.
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Super Practice with Angle Values
Big Idea: Students can use targeted practice to identify misconceptions and grow in mathematics.
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Super Practice with Angle Values - Feedback session
Big Idea: Students need directed feedback to help understand the content they are learning in class.
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Super Practice with Angles and Algebra
Big Idea: Students can only master a topic if they are given the opportunities needed to practice the topic.
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Super Practice with Angles and Algebra - Feedback Session
Big Idea: Students can better understand a topic when they compare strategies and learn from each other's ideas.
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My Little Transversal: A multi-day project lesson
Big Idea: Looking for a direct or an abstract connection to a concept can bring math content to life.
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